The "Coming to Hamtramck" Mural Project

'Coming To Hamtramck' mural project begins

The official launch of the “Coming to Hamtramck” mural project took place Wednesday (Jan. 11) at the Hamtramck Historical Museum.

More than 20 persons representing a variety of ethnic groups participated in the event, which outlined the scope and process for creating the mural. The mural is being made possible by a $15,000 initial grant from the Michigan Humanities Council. When completed, it will be approximately 140 feet long by eight feet high and be installed at the top of the main floor walls of the Hamtramck Historical Museum. It will be painted by noted Hamtramck mural artist Dennis Orlowski.

Each mural panel will highlight a different ethnic group that has immigrated to Hamtramck over the years. And to ensure accuracy as well as make this a community project, nearly two dozen ethnic groups present in Hamtramck have been asked to directly participate in the project by making suggestions for subject matter and posing as figures to be depicted in the mural. Many of them have already positively responded and will be a part of the project.

The mural is projected to be completed by November, 2017.  During the months the project is being done, Orlowski will paint the mural panels at a specially designated area by the front windows of the museum so that persons walking by can see the work in progress. There also will be a specially designated time when school children will be allowed to paint a panel of the mural.

Progress of the mural will be updated with photos and text regularly on the museum, The museum is at 9525 Jos. Campau. Hours are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday and by appointment. Call (313) 574-9758 or (313) 893-5027.

Guests discuss the mural project at the Hamtramck Historical Museum.

Guests discuss the mural project at the Hamtramck Historical Museum.